S novým zařízením přicházejí nové romky.

Doporučit můžu oficiální cyanogenmod 11, Purity rom,Mahdi rom, Graviton N5 a dnešní Mystery rom.

Source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/google-nexus-5/development/hacker-rom-team-mystery-rom-powered-t2715379

ROM: http://hrt-group.eu/FTP/duxter/roms/Mystery_Rom_v7.0.zip podporuje OTA

GAPPS: http://goo.gl/i1FnS7

SKIN: https://db.tt/nAQPvr7J

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Implemented Tools:
»Ex Themer«
»HK Themer«
»Battery Calibration«
»Xposed Installer«
»Toogle Control«

Sound Control:
»Viper Sound Mod«
»Sound Control«

Device Control
»System Info«
»LG Launcher Einstellung«
»LG Lockscreen Einstellung«

ROM Downloads
»Theme and software updates«

HRT Downloads
»All Nexus 5 ROMs for the Hacker ROM Team«

OTA Centre
»Launchers, Cameras, Mods and More!«

Forum Links
»Quick Access to the HRT Forums (German)«

»All you’d ever need to know about the Nexus 5!«

About: HRT
»Everything you need to know about the Hacker ROM Team!«

About: Mystery Control
»App Information«
»Version Information«

»EMMc Tweaks«
»WiFi Tweaks«
»Video Tweaks«
»Camera Tweaks«
»CPU Tweaks«
»CyanogenMod Theme Compatibility«
»Over 200 Notification Toggles!«
»Status-Clock Position«
»Screenshots in ROM Menu (Power Menu, I guess…)«
»Launcher Tweaks«
»And much more!«


Before you flash this ROM to your device, please make sure, that you have backed up your device (via Recovery)!
Make sure, that your device is (bootloader) unlocked and CWM/TWRP is installed!
Device Installation:

  1. Download ROM to device’s SD card.
  2. Reboot device to recovery.
  3. Install → From SD card → OK
  4. Wait for install to complete.
  5. Wipe Dalvik Cache and factory reset.
  6. Reboot device and enjoy!