Před instalací upozorním, že mi nešel facebook, teda jako šel, ale nebyly tam texty u příspěvků.

List of main characteristics:
Cleaned /system so its liter
Addons available below
LPW Base, base with extraordinary battery life in my opinion, has provided results i never expected from my s2 (both stock and custom)
S3 media_profiles.xml (may improve image quality, not really tested)
TouchWiz UX 1.5.1 (it works better for me than latest beta,less buggy)
Phone apk s3 looks (not the dialer, but the interface when calling)
Jkay deluxe framework latest version
Tweaks to improve performance + battery life
S3 fugutweaks (improve scrolling)
Zipaligned and deodexed
Call rec + non inc ring
Youtube HD 720p 3g + wifi
S3 icons theme
Phenomenal kernel
AOSP Keyboard
Google ears
Modded browser with more tabs users agent etc
S3 Music Player
Many more things i’ve forgotten 
I hope you like the rom 

XDA File server: (thanks korumera) http://www.xdafileserver.nl/tweakyrom-ics/
To fix fc for v2 on phone just flash this: http://www.mediafire.com/?g7pt9mcdiy7tgr8 (thanks to salesale)
Changelog v2:
New base
S3 music player
Google ears
Modded Browser
New updated JKay
More things but those are the major changes you’ll notice 
changelog v2.0.1
Phone fixed

LG Launcher and memo app
S2 original music player (in case you don’t like the s3 one)
Samsung apps and samsung service
Digital clock and accuweather and calendar widget from s3