Takže člobrda zapracoval a nový kernel je na světě, umožňuje dual boot ICS i Jelly bean , takže jen u nových romek kde je cm 10 a dorimanx, dejte cm10 kernel, nedávejte po instalaci reboot, ale skočte znovu do recovery a flashněte siyah znovu, pak vše frčí jak má.


  • Dual booting with new CM10 + Samsung ICS ROM
  • improved touch sensitivity
  • 5-step GPU
  • added arm topology patches again, with cpupower driver.
  • merged with a JB leak (3.0.31)
  • removed dynamic cpu freq steps. they are all fixed now.
  • removed some settings from ExTweaks interface such as cfstweaks
  • orbot is now working (only tested on Samsung ROM)
  • removed accelerometer hack for Samsung ROMs. Auto-rotation will not work on 4.0.3 anymore.
  • Reboot into 1stROM, Reboot into 2ndROM in STweaks (v5.0a2)
  • added back the accelerometer hack for Samsung ROMs (v5.0a2)
  • STweaks added to initramfs. it will be autoinstalled only once. it is my own implementation of uci.sh interface. There is almost no difference (except for resetting to defaults in the last tab) between ExTweaks and STweaks. It’s been used for some time in my S3 kernel and fairly stable. I wanted to put it in the last version of my S2 kernel as well. it is my second android app (first one is FastDormancy app).. it doesn’t have a fancy UI but not bad for a beginner :) (v5.0a2)
  • fixed voltage level rounding. it was rounding to 12.5mV steps and it is changed to 25mV. (v5.0a2)
  • BLNWW (BLN Without Wakelock) (v5.0a2)
  • Touch gestures optimizations (thanks to Tungstwenty for the latest changes and for this great feature) (v5.0a2)
  • added speaker and mic amplification/sensitivity settings which are based on fluxi’s mc1n2 interface, reversed and ported to uci.sh interface by dorimanx, tested and committed to my initramfs by robertobsc. (v5.0a2)
  • automatic led brightness level. touch voltage level will be ignored if this one is checked in STweaks (v5.0a2)
  • Fixed camera problem on Samsung ROM (v5.0b1), still working on video recording though.
  • fixed video recording on CM10/AOKP (v5.0b1)
  • added CM9 support again (v5.0b1)
  • added B2G support (thanks to atilag@github for the initramfs changes) (v5.0b1)
  • fixed customvoltage interface port which caused kernel panic when trying to read bus voltages (v5.0b1)
  • added default ROM selection in STweaks (v5.0b1)
  • added an option in STweaks to set a delay in FB earlysuspend to properly play CRT animation (implemented originally by Codeworkx) (v5.0b1)
  • reverted wifi driver to the one in cm10 kernel (v5.0b1)


  • some users reported mtp and adb problems on OSX


  • add slilde2wake
  • new GPU steps (may not work on some devices though, so this should be optional or there will be two versions)
  • mdnie interface and make hardcore’s sharpness tweaks optional

Downloads: http://d-h.st/users/siyah/testing