Pokud chcete mít tak trochu vzhled SGS 4. tak vyzkoušejte tuto romku. Je velice rychlá a stabilní. Rozhodně vyzkoušejte.

—»Root + zipaligned + deodexed
—»Build : 4.1.2 XXEMB2
—»Region : EU
—»Modem: XXEMB1
—»Kernel : 3 kernels to choise
—»itnit.d support + many tweaks
—»Change the default language to Vietnamese ( but you can change in setup wizard or setting > language)
—»Remove alot of Samsung apps[/CENTER]

You can choose one of two theme : Stock SamsungTW or Xperia Blue ( just click on one of the two, do not choose both)

—» Xperia Blue theme v9.5
+ SGS volume hack (enable greater volume)
+ Xperia home from Xperia Z v4.0
+ Lockscreen Xperia Z
+ Wallpaper choser Xperia Z
+ Walkman and clear audio +
+ The photos and video from Xperia Z
+ Widget Walkman active
+ Some apps from Xperia T & Z: calculator, TrackID, Xperia link, EA games
+ Xperia Z bootanimation
+ New boot sound and off .
+ 23 toogle buttons
+ Manage and add applications using the Multi window control
+ Update latest Flash player

—»Mod: + enable call auto recording ( dialer > custom setting)
+ Pop up browser
+ Bravia engineer 2
+ Add a call button in contacts
+ Add exit button in the default browser wed
+ Hold down the menu button to close the application
+ 128 multi CSC and laguage
+ No auto converting messages to MMS
+ Unlimited contact to sms mms
+ Open VPN
+ GPS tweak (Go to the default
+ Camera mod take a picture with the hard keys
+ Home and lock buttons on status bar ( available remove in AROMA)
Stable, fast, smooth and Beauty !