Je to asi to nejlepší, co můžete do DESIRE nacpat. volnou paměť mám 2 gb, díky EXT4 oddílu na micro sd.


A2Ext+ based on Int2Ext+ by croniccorey and was complete re-written by me. Everything files on /data² will be moved to /sd-ext³ and bind (mount) as /data.

If you install the ROM, use „Terminal Emulator“ or „ADB Shell“ you can choose between three options: DALVIK-CACHE, APPDATA and BOTH.

1: If selected DALVIK-CACHE then will move the „dalvik-cache“² to „/sd-ext“³ and the „app-datas“² stay on „/data“².
2: If selected DATA then will move the „app-datas“² to „/sd-ext“³ and the „dalvik-cache“² stay on „/data“².
3: If selected BOTH then will move the „dalvik-cache“² and the „app-datas“² to „/sd-ext“³ and then will mount as „/data“³.

After install of ROM, is the command for „ADB Shell“ or „Terminal Emulator“: a2ext

Note: I recommend a class 6 or higher sd-card, if you will move „APPDATA“² or „BOTH“² to „/sd-ext“³.

² internal memory
³ external memory