Pokud instalujete poprvé:

To install this ROM you will need to have an unlocked bootloader and a custom Recovery such as TWRP or ClockWorkMod installed (personally I recommend TWRP, I have had issues with restoring backups using CWM).

  1. Copy the downloaded SentinelROM zip to your Internal Storage.
  2. Boot into your custom recovery
  3. Back up your stock ROM
  4. Factory Reset and wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache
  5. Format System partition
  6. Install the ROM
  7. Install GAPPS package
  8. Reboot – First boot may take up to 5 minutes

Důležité: After installation you will be asked if you want to turn on CyanogenMod Statistics, please leave it off as this is an unofficial/modified build.

Note: If you are coming from another ROM and have root access, you can back up your user apps and data using Titanium and restore them once you have flashed my ROM. Just be sure to only restore user apps and data, and no system ones as you may break things.

You may flash other kernels as you wish via recovery. Remember to also flash the correct libraries for any 3rd party kernels. Instructions will be given by the Kernel author. NOTE: Updating the ROM via OTA will also overwrite any custom Kernels you have installed.